Florida Home Sellers

After the Sale.

In Florida, home sellers can be sued by Buyers for failing to disclose latent defects!

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Ever since the Florida Supreme Court ruled in Johnson v Davis in 1986, home sellers have a duty to disclose to the buyer all known latent defects in the home, even in As-Is sales. So, what happens if a buyer believes the seller has failed in its duty to disclose? The buyer may bring a claim against the Seller and the legal proceedings will begin, which will be both expensive and inconvenient.

What is a seller to do?

Be sure to disclose, in writing, every known issue in the home.
Purchase Mann's Legal expense policy at closing to protect yourself from the expense and hassle of a post closing lawsuit.

MANNS is the only insurance company in Florida protecting home sellers after the sale.

About Us

Manns Legal Expense Insurance Corporation (MANNS) was founded to protect Florida home sellers after the sale of their home from claims of a disgruntled Buyer who believes the Seller failed to disclose all known defects in a home as required by law. MANNS is a Florida insurance company founded in 2020 and received its Certificate of Authority in April of 2021. Manns was founded by Sean D. Mann, who’s prior career as a CPA, real estate broker, and insurance agent combined to invent Florida’s first insurance policy that protects home sellers after the sale of their home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t I have coverage under my homeowners policy?
No, your homeowner’s policy is cancelled at closing on the sale of your house.
What is covered?
All legal expenses of your defense up to $50,000, including attorney’s fees and court fees per the terms of the policy.
How long is the coverage?
Coverage is for any claims brought within the first year after the sale of the home.